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Caroline De Souza was born in Brazil, more specifically in the town of Curitiba. As a young woman she always had a passion for fashion and surfing. As a result she travelled to Australia where she studied English and Photography however, she says, this “trip” was only a excuse to pursue her love for surfing. As a surfer she travelled to Bali and after numerous adventures she retired from that lifestyle and returned to her hometown, Curitiba. There she made the decision to “start afresh” and follow her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Moving to Milan was the first step in order to achieve this, there she attended and graduated from the ‘Insituto di Moda Burgo’. Subsequently, she worked with an array of well-known fashion designers. When asked about what advice she would give budding designers De Souza simply states, "NEVER STOP DREAMING!".

Caroline De Souza Loves Fashion and Art.
Brazilian fashion designer from Curitiba, formed in Milan, now living between Brasil and Greece.